Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Days Before MTC

So we decided to come to utah a couple days early, because we have never been here before. It certainly is very different, and very dry. First day we went to the Tabernacle and the took a tour of the conference center, which was really cool!

After the tour we went back to Temple Square and went into the visitor center where we ran into Jie Mei Ting Chun, a sister missionary from the Taiwan Taipei area who was giving a tour to tourists from Bei Jing. It was really cool, but I quickly remembered how much I have to learn as far as language goes.

The next day we went to the Salt Lake City Temple in the morning and then did some shopping for some last minute stuff for my mission. I ended up getting the world's comfiest shoes. Literally the best. We got back and then got a visit from these crazy kids.
It was really fun to see all of them before I leave for the MTC, which is tomorrow! It's crazy that I enter the MTC tomorrow! I'm a little nervous, but mostly excited! It is going to so much fun and I really can't wait!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Heading Out!

Hey everyone! This is my blog for you all to keep up with my adventures! Looking forward to hearing from you guys when I'm gone, and I'll miss you all!